Decentralized Protocol for Spatial XR apps

Decentralized protocol for building and monetizing applications for the XR (Extended Reality) and Spatial web with a crypto rewards mechanism

Gofind XR ICO rating

Will trade on the following crypto exchanges

decentralised economy

XR Web Earth's Digital Estate

is a decentralised layer of information, value and applications that acts as

  • Public decentralised digital world Controlled, monetised and owned by the holders of XR Token
  • XR Apps Store Largest Aggregator of XR apps and games in one place on mobile and smart glasses
  • Decentralised Powered with blockchain technology for unforgeable shared ownership and shared monetisation

Decentralised Economy

XR Token Cryptographic currency

powers the XR Web and enables the holder to

  • Buy XR Land the digital layer of real-world locations to earn revenue share from acitivity in those locations.
  • Trade & Bid XR Digital Land and Digital Assets on XR Web on top Crypto Exchanges
  • Play and use applications in the XR Apps Store


Huge and Growing Market

XR Industry

$209 billion

Mobile Advertising

$187 Billion

Mobile Adspend% of Total Ad Spend



Why Gofind XR Token?

Growing market

Get in a growing sector. We are in two of the fastest growing industries. 1) Worldwide AR industry is expected to grow 700% in next 5 years and hit $209 by 2023 (Statista) 2) Global Mobile Advertising will hit $197 Billion by 2020 (Zenith)


GoFind Tokens will begin trading on public crypto exchanges that act like stock exchanges that will set the price of GoFind Tokens by matching buy and sell orders. As the market grows, so will the demand for our Tokens. No new token will be created after the Token sale

Legal & Complaince

We strive to adhere to all applicable regulations and legal guidelines and will file the offer and sale of GoFind XR Tokens with the SEC, under Regulation D and Regulation S of the U.S. Securities Act. All Purchasers are required to pass through the “KYC”, anti-terrorism and “AML” procedures in order to comply with regulations.

Transparency and reliability

By implementing smart contracts, ownership and value in the XR Web can be transparently allocated with democratic principles.


Combining patent pending AI technology with XR technology enables us to build the first platform for the future of personal computing

Decentralised Web 3.0 ecosystem

Gofind XR brings together hundreds of developers and apps to build the first global Web 3.0 ecosystem on Blockchain

Our way

Road Map


Idea conception of decentralised spatial internet for Extended Reality applications / Acceptance in DMZ Accelerator Zone in Toronto Canada / Whitepaper Launched

February 2019

Creation of XR Token / XR Web leasing app, XR Mobile App / Gofind XR International Roadshow - Asia Starts

March 2019

XR Apps Store - Pilot / XR Browser - Pilot / Monthly XR Developers Meetups in all major cities / Gofind XR International Roadshow - Asia / XR Social Media - Beta

April 2019

TestNet launch v1.0/ XR Lens Store - Beta / XR Browser - Commercial / Gofind XR International Roadshow - Europe

June 2019

Listing in Exchange #1 - TBD / XR Developers Global Conference - TBD / XR Lens Store - Commercial / XR Social Media - Commercial

Q3 2019

MainNet launch v1.0 / Listing in Exchange #2 - TBD / Start of Official 2 year Lease of XR Web / Option to bid for XR Web / Option to Make an offer for XR Web Leased Land / Gofind XR Roadshow - North America / XR Payments App Launch

Q4 2019

Listing in Exchange #3 - TBD / XR Developers Conference - Venue TBD / Gofind XR Roadshow - South America / Virtual Reality Experiences Integration

Q1 2020

Gofind XR Roadshow - China Special / Pilot with Smart Glasses Partner / XR Spatial DNS (open source)

Q2 2020

Gofind XR Roadshow - India Special / API for XR Web Advertising

Q3 2020

XR Spatial Data Standards (open source) / Multi-Coin Wallet integration / API for XR Web Leasing

Web app

XR Estate

Lease, Sell , Bid & Manage your XR Estate on this web app. Visit the web app here ( Requirements:

  1. Chrome Desktop Browser
  2. MetaMask Extension for Chrome
  3. Testnet XR Tokens (Rinkeby)
  4. Get Free Testnet Ethers here

Mobile app

XR Browser

Enjoy hundreds of Location & World aware XR experiences powered with XR Tokens on smartphones. Message us below if you want to test the Beta version of XR Browser. iOS Devices need to install Test Flight and send us Apple ID, Google Devices need to send us their Google Email id

awesome services

How it Works

Get XR Token

Buy XR Tokens and stake your tokens on Gofind XR Web geolocations via the XR Estate webapp. Tokens are available on public and private token sales. After the sale, tokens will be available only on exchanges. XR Developers can still get tokens from XR VC Fund (24% allocation) by building XR apps

Join the XR Economy

Enjoy location aware XR apps built by developers around the world in one place - the Gofind XR Browser. Advertisers can place ads in XR Estate and developers can collect fees and payments. A percentage of these revenues are shared with the XR token holders.

Receive passive income

XR token holders receive revenue share on activities on the XR Web even when you are holding them stacked to geolocations. Passive Income gets automatically deposited in your multi-currency XR Wallet

Trade, Bid, Exchange

Holders can also trade digital assets (including XR Estate) for trade on fixed price or highest bidder. Unstaked coins can be traded in top crypto exchanges.


Token Distribution

  • Name: Gofind XR
  • Ticker: XR
  • Purchase methods accepted: All Leading Crypto and Fiat
Hard cap $25 Million
Soft cap $2 Million
Cost of 1 XR Token $0.15
  • New Token emissions: None after token Sale
  • Total Supply: 1.3 Billion XR Tokens
  • For Sale: 455 Million XR Tokens
  • Bonus system: Yes
  • Presale of Private Sale: Ongoing
  • Know Your Customer (KYC): Yes
  • Min/Max Personal Cap: 1 ETH / No limit
  • Whitelist: Yes
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Distribution of Tokens

  • 35% Token Sales
  • 24% Developer VC Fund
  • 10% Partnerships
  • 15% Team
  • 5% Advisors
  • 10% Community
  • 1% Legal & Compliance


Use of Proceeds

  • 32% Marketing
  • 31% Product Development
  • 17% Business Development
  • 10% Legal Administration
  • 10% Community Development



Manindra Majumdar
Founder & CEO
Abbas Alidina
Adrian Blackwood
Chief of Product
Sanjay Chaudhuri
Haw Leng
Chief Growth Officer
Bogdan Sizov
Director of Blockchain
Chief Scientist
James Scholz
Chief Communications Officer
Ana Anbuselvan
Chief Innovation Officer
Anwar Elfeitori
Chief of International Relations



Jeremy Khoo
Top ICO Expert in IcoBench,CEO-IFG
Hap Klopp
Ex-CEO of The North Face
Dmitry Pshenin
Camilo Sierra
Business Advisor
Kyle White
Blockchain Community Advisor
Jeremy Wright
Blockchain Growth Advisor
Jonathan Dunsmoor
US Legal Advisor
Shalin Verma
Man Fung Liong
Giovanni Casagrande
Chen Si Yuan
Erixco Pranoto


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